Revolt on War World


Consider the Saurons. Not just bred but designed for battle, for centuries these genetic super-soldiers have had but one goal: the total conquest of the planet Haven.

Now consider Haven's "normal" population. How is it that these mere humans were not overwhelmed at the first onrush of Sauron power, or that having survived that onrush they were not quickly brought under total Sauron dominion?

The answer is simple. What the knife did for the Saurons, nature has done for the Haveners; Haven's people have been shaped and tempered by the forces of evolution on the toughest survivable environment in the Human universe. They are not "normal" at all.

Here then is the terrible history of Haven before the coming of the Saurons. Haven and its humans have always been at war....

The Burning Eye


Born of rebellion and civil war, Haven is home to diverse races. Cut off from the rest of humanity after the Secession Wars, bombed back to near-medievalism by the Saurons so that its inhabitants cannot reveal their presence to the rest of the galaxy, Haven is a world forever at war. In this the first volume of the War World series, you are introduced to Haven and its inhabitants.

* The Saurons. A race of militaristic supermen whose sole aim is to keep the planet cut off from the rest of the Empire while they slowly absorb all normal humanity into their own perverted image...

* Apaches who are forced into an alliance with sea-faring descendents of the Vikings in a desperate attempt to fend off the Saurons...

* The last regiment of Imperial Marines. One man holds the key to getting them back into the battle that only they can win...

Death's Head Rebellion


The cause of the collapse of the First Empire of Man in the twenty-seventh century was a war of extermination fought between "old-style" humanity and the bio-engineered Sauron Supermen, creatures who walked like men, thought like battle computers and fought like demons.

Though humanity eventually annihilated the home world of the Saurons, the cost was high: the Empire fell into a new Dark Age in which the secret of interstellar travel was lost for centuries. So when a remnant of the Saurons escaped to a world called Haven, the merely human inhabitants should have been easy prey for the superhuman newcomers. But the Saurons hadn't anticipated a mutiny in their own ranks leading to a three-cornered war...

Sauron Dominion


Born of rebellion and civil war, cut off from the rest of humanity after the Secession Wars, Haven has been bombed back to a pre-tech medievalism by a race of hideous "supermen" intent on keeping the planet cut off from the rest of the empire while they slowly absorb all normal humanity into their own perverted form. Haven is a world forever at war, each with all - and all against the Saurons.



When the governments of East and West united as the CoDominium and brought the world under one central control, they needed a dumping ground for trouble makers, from actual criminals to those whose only "crime" lay in not accepting the CoDominium's yoke with sufficient enthusiasm.

The planet Haven was a dumping ground and for centuries undesirables of all sorts were deposited on its inhospitable surface to survive however they could - or die. The strong survived both the harsh conditions and the attacks of their neighbours in a world that had always been at war.

Then the war got much hotter. The genetically engineered Sauron supermen had almost defeated the Empire of Man, but the Empire had managed to destroy Sauron power in a last Pyrrhic spasm. Now the last surviving Saurons have fled to Haven. The Saurons have been genetically designed to think like battle computers and fight like demons, but they are facing a world whose population has been honed to deadly sharpness by centuries of highly unnatural selection; Sauron victory is by no means a foregone conclussion...

Blood Feuds


It has been three hundred years since the Sauron remnant fled in seret to Haven. Blasted back into savagery by nuclear weapons, divided among themselves by bitter feuds, the human inhabitants wre helpless before the initial onslaught of these gene-designed demons who walked like men and fought like battle computers. To the Saurons, humans were merely two-legged cattle, a source of breeding females and other tribute.

But now a new voice is heard on Haven - a summons that will unite nomad and farmer, Mongol, Russki and Jew. Aiysha, a sister and daughter of Juchi the Accursed, has raised a banner that will sweep across the steppes like a wind of fire. Soon the tribes will meet before the Sauron Citadel - there to encounter the forces of a mad Cyborg Battlemaster in a final struggle to retake their world. Blood Feuds - and no mercy.

Blood Vengeance


Three hundred years ago the Saurons arrived on Haven and proceeded to destroy every vestige of technology except their own. Since then the history of Haven has been a horror story.

But now one woman has sparked a rebellion, uniting the many tribes of Haven and joining together old enemies having nothing in common but their mutual hatred of the Sauron overlords.

And at the Shagri-La valley this rabble in arms has done the impossible and destroyed the Sauron force there.

But, an outpost is a very different thing from the final target of Aiysha's army: the Sauron Citadel. If against all odds, the Citadel falls, the humans will take back their world from the Sauron invaders - and three centuries of repressed hate and fury will erupt in Blood Vengeance...

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