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War World : The Fall of the CoDominium

War World: The Fall of the CoDominion is a new War World collection of stories featuring the last gasp of the CoDominion, the Soviet/United States world government that has kept the peace on Earth and throughout human-occupied space for the past century. Now, the alliance is dead and the long-feared nuclear holocaust begins as the two superpowers collapse in a spasm of mutual self-destruction.

Some profiteers and ambitious rulers see the collapse of the CoDominion as an opportunity while others see it as the end of civilization. On Haven tensions increase as local warlords and gangs begin to make their grab for power. For those on Haven, it's the beginning of the Great Die-Off as the petrocarb plants run out of fuel and millions are left with too little to eat and nowhere to go. Haven is now cut-off from the rest of the CoDominion and completely on her own. Those communities farthest from the Shangri-La Valley are most at risk; there's no one left to protect themselves from roving bands of blood-thirsty nomads and power-hungry thugs.

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