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War World : The Burning Eye

War World: The Burning Eye is a reprint of the original Baen Books edition with six new stories and story introductions throughout. This volume (unlike the other Baen War World books, which focused on the Sauron period) covers almost the entirety of Haven's history going as far as the Second Empire of Man. This second edition of The Burning ye will act as a survey volume of the entire War World series, ending with the crash landing of an Imperial space liner.

Born of the rebellion and civil war, Haven is home to diverse races and nationalities. Discovered in the CoDominium era and originally settled by the Harmonies - a group of pacifists - Haven was soon thrown into turmoil when the CoDo Bureau of ReLocation dumped millions of Earth's worst criminals, factious minorities, refugees, nationalists and the great unwashed upon her shores. Cut off from the rest of humanity after the Succession Wars, bombed-back to near Medievalism by the Saurons so that its inhabitants cannot reveal their presence to the rest of the galaxy, Haven is a world forever at war. In this, the first of the War World series, you are introduced to Haven and its inhabitants.

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