Captain's Report (6 March 2018)

Dear Passengers,

I just recently finished my latest War World novel, "Falkenberg's Regiment", which is scheduled for publication in the summer of 2018.

War World : Falkenberg's Regiment

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This new novel continues the John Christian Falkenberg story, detailing his adventures and those of the 42nd CoDominium Marines on Haven (War World), Earth, Luna Base and on Churchill, as Falkenberg and Admiral Lermontov struggle to keep the CoDominium from breaking apart and falling into chaos and war. On Haven the Colonel finds himself set between the Mahdi and his fanatical forces, on one hand, and Dover Minerals and the Bronson family, on the other hand. While on Churchill, Falkenberg is called upon to rectify the problems caused by the Bureau of Relocations wholesale dumping of antagonistic populations on the hardscrabble world. Nor, does it help when the Brotherhood, a conspiracy of colonial CD military officers, gets involved providing weapons and money to the rebels.

This new War World book is dedicated to my old friend and mentor, Jerry Pournelle, who died in his sleep on September 8, 2017. Jerry was one of the Grand Old Men of science fiction and will be missed. We worked together at Chaos Manor for over 20 years and put out over 30 anthologies and short story collections. Wikipedia, in their piece on Military Science Fiction states: "The series of anthologies with the group title There Will Be War edited by Pournelle and John F. Carr (nine volumes from 1983 through 1990) helped keep the category active, and encouraged new writers to add to it."

It was Jerry's plan to gift me ownership of the War World series: "John Carr has permission to write in the War World, and to commission stories in it. Indeed, one reason I created the War World was to give John Carr something as a reward for long, faithful service. Jerry Pournelle." As far as I know, an unprecedented act in the annals of literature - much less science fiction! We will not see his like again.

I believe Jerry would be pleased to see John Christian Falkenberg and his Forty-second CoDominium Marines going once more unto the breach!

John F. Carr


Captain's Report (15 April 2017)

Dear Passengers,

The latest War World anthology, The Patriotic Wars, is now available for purchase in both hardcover and e-book formats.

War World : The Patriotic Wars

This fourth War World volume, in the chronological reissues series, deals with the final death throes of the CoDominium, the Soviet/United States world government that has kept the peace on Earth and throughout human-occupied space for the past century. Now, the alliance is collapsing as the Bronson cabal attempts to take over the Grand Senate and the CoDominium itself. Some even claim the Saurons have a secret role in the breakup of the CoDominium and are behind the growing Patriotic Wars on the Earth.


Haven, one of the CoDominium's poorest and most distant colonies, is one of the first to feel the pinch as its fragile government begins to disintegrate, when the CoDominium authorities recall part of the 77th CoDominium Marines back to Earth. Tensions increase as local warlords and gangs begin to make their grab for power. Those communities farthest from the Shangri-La Valley are most at risk; it's now up to them to protect themselves from roving bands of blood-thirsty nomads, gangs of rovers and power-hungry thugs. Some see the CoDominium's decline as an opportunity, while those on the edge of survival see it as a betrayal. The one thing they all understand is that Haven is now alone and on her own completely!

This volume opens with Doug McElwain's. "The Edge of Darkness", Part Two in the continuing story of Johnathon Langston. This story concerns Johnathon's efforts to unravel the scientific mysteries that will eventually lead to the discovery of the Langston Field. The Field is one of the most important technological developments in the CoDominium/Empire of Man Future History, as well as one of the scientific pillars of naval warfare in the First Empire. The Patriotic Wars ends with Don Hawthorne's brilliant story, "The Sylph in the Tinderbox", which explores the role of Sauron agents in encouraging the Patriotic Wars which are quickly tearing the CoDominium apart.

"The Burning Eye" will be appearing in the new SFWA Bundle: The Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA) has teamed up with Story Bundles (offering specially picked e-books at low prices. This is the first ever SFWA Science Fiction Bundle: You pay as much or as little as you want (but no less than $5.00) for 6 science-fiction novels. For $15.00 you get an additional 6 novels and story collections, including "The Burning Eye". Here's the link: https://storybundle.com/scifi.

War World : The War World role playing game

The new War World role-playing game has been released. It has a great Alan Gutierrez cover and looks great!

War World is a highly acclaimed offshoot of Jerry Pournelle's CoDominium [Falkenberg and the 42nd] military SF setting. The War World series is being reissued and expanded by longtime Pournelle collaborator John Carr, also noted for his works with the H. Beam Piper settings such as Lord Kalvin. War World is centered on the barely habitable world of Haven, a prison planet. The first volume is based on the pre-CoDominium control of Haven with others to follow covering the First Empire, the long Sauron / Bandari centuries and the Second Empire.

Here's the link: http://store.genreconnections.com/john-carrs-war-world-rpg


John F. Carr


Captain's Report (6 January 2016)

Dear Passengers,

The new second edition of the War World volume, The Burning Eye, with six new stories and new story introductions throughout, is now available from the Cargo Bay in both hardcover and e-book editions. This volume (unlike the other Baen War World books, which focused on the Sauron period) covers almost the entirety of Haven's history from the CoDominium up into the Second Empire of Man, providing an overview of the entire War World series.

War World : The Burning Eye

5-Star Amazon Review:
Jerry Pournelle, who was heavily influenced by the great H. Beam Piper and his Terro-Human Future History, devised his own future history that postulates the collapse of an interstellar empire into civil wars spanning centuries after the gene-engineered Sauron supermen decide to take over the mantle of civilization from the Empire of Man. The first book in the War World series introduces readers to Haven and for me the Poul Anderson story "The Deserter" is worth the price of admission. A very skillfully done story that really sets the stage for the death of the empire and how the planets and stars at the fringe are already feeling the pinch of interstellar trade being disrupted.... "The Toymaker" is also a great short story here. Check this book out and I promise you that you won't be disappointed.

The Burning Eye will be followed by War World: The Patriotic Wars, which is scheduled for release this coming summer. Chronologically, The Patriotic Wars follows War World: Jihad! as the CoDominium continues its decline, with wars erupting throughout human occupied space. Haven, a lonely outpost, is not spared the violence and uprisings brought about by the CoDominium's breakdown and loss of central authority.

John F. Carr


Captain's Report (14 June 2015)

Dear Passengers,

Recently, there have been some interesting developments in the War World saga. The war gaming company, Final Sword Productions, is working on a role-playing War World game set in the CoDominium. This has been in production for several years and they are taking serious pains to keep it true to the series. It is currently scheduled for release in 2016; it will be interesting to see how it turns out. (See below for the preliminary game artwork.)

War World cover art for game

The new War World anthology, Volume #4, War World: The Patriotic Wars, is now closed for submissions and will be published in hardcover in first quarter of 2016. This new volume follows War World: Jihad!, and takes place as the CoDominium begins to unravel, both on Earth and in her space colonies. The Patriotic Wars contains some bang-up new stories and I'm very pleased with it. Al Brown will be wrapping up his Mahdi series, while ER Stewart has a new story, "Rostov's Zeks", that is one of the best military science-fiction stories I've read in years.

I recently signed an agreement with Baen Books and they are now distributing the Pequod Press War World e-books on their website. This should help reconnect us with a lot of former Baen Books readers who haven't been aware of Pequod's War World publishing efforts.

We are currently re-doing the first Baen Books first War World paperback volume, The Burning Eye, with four or five new stories and story introductions throughout. Since this volume (unlike the other Baen War World books, which focused on the Sauron period) covers almost the entirety of Haven's history going into the Second Empire of Man. I will be reissuing a new Second Edition of The Burning Eye later this year; it will act as a survey volume of the entire War World series.

Under the new Baen agreement, we will be doing at least one new War World book a year, so there will be a decided increase in the number of future War World releases, including novels. I'm also putting together a War World Concordance, with loads of background information, which I plan to release next year.

John F. Carr


Captain's Report (20 December 2013)

Dear Passengers,

The new hardcover War World anthology, War World: Jihad!, is out and all pre-orders are in the mail. It is available in the Cargo Bay in hardcover and both e-formats.

I'm very pleased with the look and contents of this volume, the third new anthology in the history of War World. Jihad! is a collection of seven new stories, a short novel by myself featuring the 42nd CoDominium Marines, and one previously published yarn.

The CoDominium is fraying apart at the seams, and to save itself the Soviet/American coalition is exporting Earth's problems to the outer worlds, including exiling millions of Earth's fanatic Muslims on Haven. Nor is this volatile situation helped when off-worlders from Levant arrive to support the rebels with military advisors and advanced weaponry. When Dire Lake dries up, famine and pestilence arrive with a vengeance. The Faithful believe that this is a sign from Allah: the time has arrived to overthrow the corrupt CoDominium lackeys and their Company sponsors in the Northern Steppes. So the Mahdi declares a Jihad and warfare breaks out with only a thin blue line between the jihadists and what remains of civilization on Haven.

In a last-ditch attempt to save the Haven colony, Admiral Lermontov sends in the 42nd Marines. Will the Marines arrive in time? And if they do, can they stop the jihadists and save the overwhelmed CoDominium Marine garrison at Fort Camerone? Or will they be undone by the Brotherhood and other off-world powers seeking the dissolution of the CoDominium?

I foresee 2 more books in the CoDominium era before we reach the interregnum. I'm currently putting together the next volume, War World: The Patriotic Wars.

War World : The Cyborg Revolt

On another note, Cyborg Revolt is now available at the Cargo Bay in hardcover and both e-formats. Cyborg Revolt continues the adventures of Galen Diettinger and his human nemesis, Brigadier-General Gary Cummings.

John F. Carr


Captain's Report (8 July 2013)

Dear Passengers,

The latest War World volume, The Lidless Eye, is now available for purchase in hardcover as well as both e-book formats at the Cargo Bay. This volume was put together to compliment the new e-book edition of The Battle of Sauron, which does not include the Haven interlude and ends with the Fomoria's flight from Sauron. The Lidless Eye is comprised of "Rate of Exchange" (a shorter version appeared in War World: The Burning Eye) and the last third of the hardcover first edition of The Battle of Sauron.

There will be two more War World book releases in 2013. Next up will be Cyborg Revolt which will be available in August in both hardcover and e-reader formats. The cover art can be viewed in the scanner along with the cover art for Lidless Eye by Alan Gutierrez.

The latest War World anthology, War World: Jihad!, will follow Cyborg Revolt. This new anthology will continue the Mahdi story arc started in War World: Takeover. With only one reprinted story from previous Baen Books' War World volumes, Jihad! will have lots of new stories, including a new short novel featuring the CoDominium Marines by myself, and the first of three stories chronicling the discovery and development of the Langston Field. This is one anthology you are not going to want to miss!

We plan to have the decks cleared by September.

John F. Carr

Chief Engineer's Report (24 November 2012)

As mentioned by John recently, we have now updated the Cargo Hold to contain both Hardback books and e-books, the first two of these War World: Discovery and War World: Takeover are now available to purchase and download. As more e-books in the War World saga become available these will also be added to the eBook section of the Cargo Hold.

Mark Richardson

Captain's Report (18 November 2012)

Dear Readers,

Twenty twelve has been an off year for new War World books as I was busy with other books. However, for 2013 there are a four different War World projects underway. First, I'm putting the final touches on the latest War World anthology, War World: Jihad!, which Pequod will publish in the summer of 2013. There will be a few surprises and a lot of action as the Mahdi attempts to wrest political leadership of Haven away from the CoDominium rulers and the mining companies.

Jihad! will also include my new short novel, Peace at Any Price, which chronicles the arrival of the Forty-second CoDominium Marines on Haven. Peace at Any Price is the central story of the Mahdi story arc which began in War World: Takeover. There will be two other Mahdi yarns, one by Al Brown and another by William F. Wu, in this anthology. And, the Mahdi story arc will continue into the next volume, War World: The Patriotic Wars.

My other big project has been converting War World: The Battle of Sauron into the e-book platform. Unfortunately, I lost the original pdf files for the book (in my computer crash in 2008) so I had to reconstruct them from scratch. After going over the book with a fine-tooth comb, I decided to shorten it for the e-book edition and keep the focus on the Battle of Sauron. The new e-book is scheduled for release in December of this year.

The Haven material, with the addition of another 30,000 words of new and older material, will comprise the sequel, The Lidless Eye.

For those of you who already own a copy of the hardcover edition of The Battle of Sauron, the sequel, Cyborg Revolt, will follow the new e-books this summer and will be published simultaneously as both a hardcover edition and an e-book.

Speaking of e-books, the Kindle and e-pub versions of both War World: Discovery and War World: Takeover will soon be available for purchase in the Cargo Bay.

I wish you all a wonderful holiday season!

John F. Carr

Captain's Report (10 December 2011)

Dear Readers,

The latest War World anthology, War World: Takeover, is now in print and copies are available in the Cargo Bay. All pre-order copies were mailed out last week.

War World: Takeover is the second volume in our grand reissue of War World that will present Haven's history in a chronological fashion for the very first time. Takeover is a trade hardcover volume and runs 432 pages. It contains nine new stories as well as four previously published yarns. Contributors include John Dalmas, ER Stewart, Don Hawthorne, John F. Carr, Leslie Fish and Frank Gasperik, A. Brown, Susan Shwartz, William F. Wu and Charles E. Gannon.

It's a fine looking book and completes the story arc of how the masters of the CoDominium were able to wrest possession of Haven from the Church of New Universal Harmony. The next volume, War World: Jihad!, is scheduled for publication in the fall 2012 and will continue the Mahdi story arc that begins in War World: Takeover.

Have a great Holiday Season!

John F. Carr

Captain's Report (30 July 2011)

Dear Readers,

The latest War World anthology, War World: Takeover, is now going through final proofing and will be published this fall. It is now available in the Cargo Bay for pre-order which includes free Priority mail shipping within the U.S.

War World: Takeover is the second volume in our grand reissue of War World that will present Haven's history in a chronological fashion for the very first time. Takeover is a trade hardcover volume and will include nine new stories as well as two previously published yarns.

On Earth, overpopulation and rising nationalism require the resettlement of millions of troublesome minorities or the fragile peace between the USSR and the USA will go down in flames. It is up to the CoDominium to solve this problem and it just so happens the Bureau of ReLocation has discovered the perfect dumping ground for millions of unwanted minorities and religious fanatics while the mining companies exploiting Haven's considerable resources need a cheap and expendable labor pool. One hand washes the other, thus the CD Bureau of Intelligence gives orders to subvert Harmony rule and turn Haven into a CoDominium Protectorate.

Meanwhile, the inhabitants of Haven are having their own problems due to too many transportees from Earth, too few resources, too few live births and the most inhospitable environment known to sustain life in human occupied space. If that's not enough, now the Haveners have to face a hostile takeover by the very people they left Earth to escape...

However, they do have a few surprises for the invaders and that's not going to make the Masters of the CoDominium very happy.

There was a last minute cover change for War World: Takeover when we decided to drop the novella, Peace at Any Price, from this volume in favor of the formerly 'lost' sequel to Frank Gasperik and Leslie Fish's Janesfort, which is titled To Win the Peace. As a result of this change, Alan Gutierrez was commissioned to paint a new cover more representative of this volume; the previous cover will appear on the next volume, War World: Jihad! which is scheduled for publication in the fall 2012.

John F. Carr

Captain's Report (23 December 2010)

Dear Readers,

The big War World news is that while going through some old boxes in the basement several months ago I discovered an unfinished story by Frank Gasperik, an old friend and co-author of Janesfort, who passed away on May 3, 2007. Frank Gasperik worked as one of Jerry's and my editorial assistants at Chaos Manor in the late 1980's and we got to be good friends. While Frank was best known as a songwriter and folksinger, he also appeared as a character in several science fiction novels including Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle's Lucifer's Hammer, as Mark Czescu, and in Footfall, as Harry Reddington.

Frank's unfinished War World story, To Win the Peace, was originally started in the early 1990's and was intended to be the sequel to Janesfort. Unfortunately, Frank's health problems got in the way of finishing it and the story remained forgotten for two decades until I ran across the incomplete first draft. I immediately contacted his long-time friend and collaborator, Leslie Fish, and she remembered the story well. I asked her if she would finish it as a tribute to Frank and she quickly agreed.

I just got the final version this week and it is a wonderful story. Leslie not only finished the story, but did it so well I was unable to tell where his writing began and hers left off. For all of us who enjoyed Janesfort, this is a real treasure. It will make its first appearance in War World: CoDominium Take-Over.

In other War World related news, Analog Science Fiction and Fact published a review of War World: Discovery. I thought I'd run it here for those of you who are not Analog readers:

Analog: Science Fiction and Fact, March 2011, review of War World: Discovery

The Reference Library—Don Sakers

About twenty-year ago, Jerry Pournelle and John F. Carr brought about a shared world series called War World. The five anthologies and two novels of the original series featured stories by a raft of authors, including Poul Anderson, Larry Niven, Mike Resnick, Susan Schwartz, S. M. Stirling, Harry Turtledove and William F. Wu. The stories were as diverse as their authors, ranging from pure military strategy to humor to surprisingly tender fables. The last volume, the novel Blood Vengeance, appeared in 1994, and the fun was over.

At least until 2007, when John F. Carr brought War World back in War World: The Battle of Sauron. Apparently, his intent is to bring the entire corpus of War World stories back into print, supplemented with a substantial number of new stories, portraying the saga in chronological order (the original volumes jumped around haphazardly through history). War World: Discovery is the first volume in this grand reissue.

The War World is Haven, a just-habitable moon of a gas giant called Cat's Eye. In the future, Haven will become a battleground between humans and the Saurons, a genetically enhanced master race bent on universal domination. In the beginning, however, Haven was a peaceful colony that soon became a prison planet, a dumping ground for malcontents and undesirables of all types. When criminal gangs take over the place and start causing trouble, the Imperial Marines are sent to bring peace to a planet everyone considers a hell-hole.

Of the fourteen stories in this volume, four are republished; the other nine are brand-new. Work by ten authors is included. And while the price tag is a little steep, if you're a fan of War World and want to see how it all began, it's worth it.

The next volume in the War World series, War World: The CoDominium Take-Over, will be released next summer. There will be a lot of new stories and only one or two reprints from previous Baen volumes. This is the book that will put the war back into War World.

I'm including a preliminary scan of the War World: CoDominium Take-Over cover art. Alan Gutierrez's first color sketch will be at the Scanner.

May you all have a Happy New Year's and a wonderful 2011!

John F. Carr

Captain's Report (30 August 2010)

Dear Readers,

I'd like to report that copies of the new War World anthology, War World: Discovery, have arrived from the printer. It's a handsome hardcover volume and I'm very pleased with it. I'll be mailing out the pre-orders all week long.

It's been a ball working on these books and getting back together with many of my old friends, like Bill Wu, Chuck Gannon, Eugene Stewart and Al Brown, who wrote stories for the earlier volumes as well as this one. We had a lot of fun working out all the details and filling the holes in Haven's early history.

I'm now working on the next volume, War World: The CoDominium Take-Over, which will be released next year. There will be at least 3 volumes detailing the arrival and departure of the CoDominium from Haven.

To order a copy of War World: Discovery; visit the Cargo Bay.

John F. Carr

Chief Engineer's Report (14 July 2010)

To coincide with the soon to be published new War World anthology, War World: Discovery, we have been busy updating the History Database. It now includes further information on The Church of New Universal Harmony, Haven's first human inhabitants. We trust you will find it interesting.

Mark Richardson

Captain's Report (10 June 2010)

Dear Readers,

I'd like to report that the new War World anthology, War World: Discovery, will be published this summer. Discovery is the first new War World anthology in almost 20 years and is the opening volume in a War World series reinvention that will present War World's rich history in chronological order. War World Discovery will be published in a hardcover edition and will include 9 new stories as well as 4 previously published yarns.

At the time of its discovery, Haven contains the harshest environment for life of any of the 40 habitable planets within the CoDominium's sphere. This distant moon quickly becomes the center of a major lawsuit over its ownership. When the New Church of Universal Harmony buys the Colony Charter, the big mining companies send their agents to find a way to muscle their way in. The Harmonies quickly find themselves on the defensive. Behind the lines, some of the biggest industrial magnates, the Bronson and DeSilva families, are pulling strings to secure rights to strip-mine Haven of its resources and mineral wealth. This battle only intensifies when shimmer stones, the most valuable gems in the known universe, are discovered on Haven.

The Bureau of Corrections sees Haven, more than a year's spaceship journey from Earth, as the perfect dumping ground for political dissidents and criminals. Within the CoDominium, there's a fracture between US and Soviet interests; both powers want to use Haven for their own interests. Meanwhile, the New Church of Universal Harmony is finding its territories overwhelmed with undesirables from Earth, who neither want to work or live a meditative life.

This conflict quickly turns violent as the newcomers scheme to steal food and goods from the non-violent Harmonies, who see their culture torn asunder to confront the new realities brought by the displaced transportees from Earth. When Kennicott and Dover Mineral Development send their agents to fight over the newly discovered hafnium and shimmer stone deposits, the violence and bloodshed are ratcheted up. Finally, the CoDominium Marines are sent in to save the day, but for whom: the Harmonies, the miners, the convicts, or their puppet masters back on Earth?

To order your pre-publication copy of War World: Discovery for $32, including Priority mail shipping, visit the Cargo Bay.

John F. Carr

Captain's Report (1 May 2010)

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the first War World dedicated web site. Included you will find information on previous War World books, background data on Haven and the CoDominium/Empire of Man future history, the faces behind the curtain, as well as information about new War World books and games.

War World is a military shared-world science fiction series created by Jerry E. Pournelle and John F. Carr. The original series included five anthologies and two novels about the moon Haven and the struggles of its human population against both the world they live on and themselves. It is set in Jerry Pournelle's CoDominium and Empire of Man future history.

The first new book is War World: The Battle of Sauron, by John F. Carr and Don Hawthorne, a novel detailing the final battle between the Sauron Coalition and the First Empire of Man. War World: The Battle of Sauron was first published in 2008 in a quality hardcover edition. It is available for purchase in the Cargo Bay. The second new book will be War World: Discovery, a hardcover anthology edited by John F. Carr, which will include eight new stories and one non-fiction piece on Haven astronomy. This collection of short stories will chronicle the discovery and colonization of Haven, a moon of a gas giant. Haven is a world of extreme temperatures, hard radiation and some of the toughest humans in the CoDominium. The new War World anthologies will contain both new and previously published stories placed in their proper chronological order. It is scheduled for summer release.

Haven is over a year from Earth by starship and multiple Alderson Jumps from the nearest inhabitable world; in other words, the end-of-the-line of human occupied space. The New Church of Universal Harmony was the original owner of Haven until the CoDominium decided that any place that far away from Earth would make an excellent dumping ground for political exiles, troublesome minorities and garden variety criminals. The strong survived both the harsh conditions and the attacks of their neighbors in a world that had always been at war. War World: Discovery explores the early years of Haven's discovery and colonization before its annexation by the CoDominium and the Bureau of ReLocation.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jerry Pournelle for granting me permission to continue the War World series. I'd also like to thank Mark Richardson for all his work in designing and creating this web site, Alan Gutierrez for the eye-popping artwork that brings War World to life and to Victoria Alexander for all her work in making sure our words shine. I hope you enjoy exploring this site as much as we did creating it.

John F. Carr

Chief Engineer's Report (13 April 2010)

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